Strawberry Hill, Ltd.

Specializing in fine art from the 19th and 20th centuries,
the original oil paintings of David Pappas,
and sculpture in bronze.

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November 2007
Madison Club Exhibition

19th and 20th Century
Oil Paintings

Original Oil Paintings
by David Pappas

Sculptures in Bronze

Strawberry Hill, Ltd., is an art dealership located in Deerfield, Wisconsin, and was created to feature 19th and 20th century American and European oil paintings, the recent works of David Pappas, and sculptures in bronze.

Mr. Pappas, a collector for many years, is a painter in the representational realist style of genre, seascapes and landscapes, represented in collections throughout the country. He studied art at the University of Wisconsin and with New York painter Gregg Kreutz.

Many of his paintings were inspired by Mr. Pappas’ travels, which included small-boat crossings of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans, and depict the exotic ports he encountered during his travels. In 1995, Mr. Pappas sailed around Cape Horn from East to West, a passage covering 5000 miles, lasting ten weeks, and furnishing much inspiration for his oil paintings.

Strawberry Hill’s inventory includes paintings by Franz Charlet, Eliot Clark, T.S. Croxford, Hans Dahl, J. J. Enneking, Giuseppe Giardello, Bernard de Hoog, José Maria Ibarrarán y Ponce, Hudson Mindell Kitchell, Daniel Ridgeway Knight, Gregg Kreutz, B. Lambert, H.B. Northcote, Ferdinand Roybet, Francesco Spicuzza, and George Weldon.

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